City Girl on Hicks Farm


I’m a city girl who’s made a life changing move to a small farm called Hicks. I’ve come to live here with one intention and that is to improve my lifestyle by incorporating more natural and organic ways to live, eat, dress and stay fit. This blog will be a record of my adventures, trials, recipes and more.

I’ll be providing readers with insight into healthy eating, organic recipes, review organic products and staying fit. This will all be based from organic products either grown on the farm or that I’ve ordered online. You’ll get my honest reviews on just how good, successful and worthwhile different foods and lifestyles are. 

While I plan to do this as long as I can bear, I’m choosing to remain anonymous, be unbiased and I’ll probably be writing about certain other interest that I’d like to share. Feel free to reply, comment and share your opinion on everything I share.

City Girl

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